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Product Details

Factory model: E-HOSE hookah

Product configuration:

· 2200MAH battery: 1

·Atomizer: 1

· Charger: 1

·Cotton: 2

·Instruction: 1

·Gift box: 1 set

Product parameters:

·Package size: 36.5*11.8*5.8MM, weight 827G

· Each naked cigarette size Φ45*380mm, weight 400.8g

·Battery capacity 2200mAh, size Φ45*245mm, weight 65G

·Battery color: red black blue purple pink

·Packing number: 20PCS, outer box size 50*37.6*32CM, gross weight 17/16KGS

Product performance:

1. First-line brand Doug Swiss imported atomizing wire: anti-dry, long service life. ?2. High-quality steel pipe wrapped with fine rubber skin

3. Use high quality long guide oil cotton: no burnt smell, fast oil guide.

4. Use high-precision hardware copper parts: no gaps, good contact. ? 5. Use full inspection silicone pad: anti-aging, no oil leakage, long life.

6. Power display function: 4.2-3.8V is? Blue light?? 3.8-3.5V? Is the purple light?? 3.5-3.0V? Is it a red light?


1. Be careful not to use too much force when using it, but not too much force. Because it is sucked too hard, the liquid is directly sucked into your mouth and has not been atomized by the atomizer. So gently suck and the smoke is bigger.

2. When smoking, please pay attention to keep a breath for a long time, because the suction of the smoke in the cartridge can be fully atomized by the atomizer, resulting in more smoke.

3. Pay attention to the angle of use. Keep the cigarette holder up and the tobacco rod tilts downwards. If the cigarette holder is upward when smoking, the smoke will naturally flow down into your mouth due to gravity.

4. When the smoke liquid is sucked into the mouth, please take the smoke bomb off and disassemble it, and wipe off the excess spilled liquid inside the cigarette holder and the atomizer before using it.

5. To keep the battery full of electricity, the low battery will also cause the liquid to not be fully atomized and suck into the mouth.


1. Input voltage: 100V-240V? 2. Output voltage: 5V-6V? 3. Charging current: maximum 120MA

after-sale warranty:

In order to better serve our customers, let customers use peace of mind, safety and worry-free, and the value of the items purchased is worthwhile.

The company provides pre-sales technical consultation, product selection, and solutions to ensure the quality of the products from the product selection plan.

Performance, delivery time, service guarantee and technical support during the warranty period and warranty period. The warranty period of the electronic cigarette battery is 6 months, and the atomizer is 3 months.


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