Burning tobacco series


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Product Details

Factory model: shoop dogg gift box single

Product configuration:

·650MAH battery: 1

·Atomizer: 1

·1 charger

·One G card

·1 manual

·USB cable 1

· 1 spoon

·1 brush

· 2 glass bottles

·3 cotton swabs

· Gift box 1 set

Product parameters:

·Package size: 146*78*54MM weight 271.4G

· Each bare: Φ14*146MM, weight 47g

·Battery capacity 650mAh, size Φ14*77MM, weight 23.6G

·Battery color: multiple colors

·Atomizer specification Φ14*80MM, weight 23.2G, heating wire resistance: 1.8~2.4Ω

·Atomizer optional color: multiple colors

·Packing number: 50PCS, outer box size 51.5*27*29CM, gross weight 16/15KGS

Product performance:

1. Adopt high-quality solution: large amount of smoke, power saving, durability, quality assurance, with short-circuit protection function; 2. High-quality atomizer: good quality, fast oil guide, no oil leakage, no tube explosion, no focus Flavor, anti-dry, more durable? 3. Use high-precision hardware: good contact, no gap, 4. Use high-quality environmentally friendly spray paint: no fading, more beautiful, non-toxic, environmentally friendly? 5. Use IC protection charger : Stable charging, better protection of the battery? 6. Use PE environmentally friendly food grade needle pipe oil bottle: healthy and durable

7. Adopting the first-line brand Doug Swiss imported atomizing wire: anti-dry burning and long service life. 8. Use high-quality PC plastic tube: no squib, clear color, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, 9. Use high-quality long-lead oil rope: no burnt smell, fast oil guide. ?10. Use high-precision hardware: no gaps in connection, good contact. ?? 11. Use the full inspection O-ring: anti-aging, no oil leakage, long life.


1. Add the shredded tobacco to the atomizer, unplug the nebulizer to open the trough tube, add a certain amount of shredded tobacco into the atomizing core, and do not add too much in one time, then install the nebulizer slotted tube.

2. The atomizer is screwed tightly to the battery. The battery characteristics 5 are turned on to smoke.

3. Charging: Unscrew the bottom cover, remove the battery, install the battery in the charger, or connect the USB interface on the bottom of the battery, plug the charger into the power socket, and the indicator light is charged from red to green when charging. 2 - Fully charged in 3 hours.

after-sale warranty:

In order to better serve our customers, let customers use peace of mind, safety and worry-free, and the value of the items purchased is worthwhile.

The company provides pre-sales technical consultation, product selection, and solutions to ensure the quality of the products from the product selection plan.

Performance, delivery time, service guarantee and technical support during the warranty period and warranty period. The warranty period of the electronic cigarette battery is 6 months, and the atomizer is 3 months.


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