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Shenzhen factory direct latest ELUV electronic cigarette E-samrt electronic cigarette wholesale

Factory model: ELUV-mini H2

Product configuration:

·1 battery

·1 atomizer

·1 charging head

· Gift box 1 set

Product parameters:

. Size 153*32*37MM (with sponge), weight 80.8G

. Battery capacity 380MAH, size Φ11*74mm, weight 16.2G

The battery color can be selected in a variety of colors

.MINI H2 nebulizer size Φ11*60MM, 1.2ML, capacity 1.2ML, resistance 2.4 ohms, weight 8.4G

The atomizer color can be selected according to the color of the battery.

Bare smoke size Φ 11*130MM, weight 24.6G

Packing information: 200 sets, 50.5*41.5*40.5CM, 17/16KGS

Product performance:

· This product can absorb 400 mouths when fully charged, charging time 2-3 hours, can be recharged 400 times

·Charging voltage: 4.1V

·The atomizer can be customized according to customer requirements

· Short circuit protection: If the atomizer is short-circuited, it can't smoke, stop output immediately, and the LED light flashes 3 times;

·Lock function: press the button to turn on and off 5 times; turn on: press 5 times continuously, the LED light flashes 3 times, the electronic cigarette is normal

           Work can be smoked; off: press the button 5 times continuously, the LED light flashes 3 times, the electronic cigarette can stop working and can not smoke;


1. Add the smoke oil to the atomizer, unscrew the copper piece at the bottom of the atomizer, fill the smoke oil that does not exceed the atomization core, and screw the atomizer cigarette holder back.

2. Insert the rechargeable battery into the battery tube, screw the bottom cover, and press the feature 5 to turn on the cigarette.

3. Charging: Unscrew the bottom cover, remove the battery, install the battery in the charger, and then plug the charger into the power socket. When charging, the indicator light is charged from red to green, and it can be fully charged in 2-3 hours.

after-sale warranty:

In order to better serve our customers, let customers use peace of mind, safety and worry-free, and the value of the items purchased is worthwhile.

The company provides pre-sales technical consultation, product selection, and solutions to ensure the quality of the products from the product selection plan.

Performance, delivery time, service guarantee and technical support during the warranty period and warranty period. The warranty period of the electronic cigarette battery is 6 months, and the atomizer is 3 months.

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