IQOS series

Qecig Q8

The automatic heating time of the system is 4minutes for one time. After the one-time heating is completed, the next heating should be made after 30 seconds. To stop heating during the period, press the button for three times continuously. 

Charging time: 1.5-2 hours; 

Carbonization cleaning function;

Heating band protection function

Built-in automatic short circuit protection function;

Low voltage alarm display function;

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Product Details

 •Q8 Battery body 1 piece

 •Q8 Heater 1 piece

 • Housing of the heater 1 piece

 •USB charging line: 1 piece

 •User manual 1 copy

 • Certificate of Quality 1 piece 

 •Cotton swab: 1 bag

 •Packing box: 1 piece
Introduction to products:
Product parameters: 

•Size of every case of cigarette: 89.2*40*20mm, weight 73g
•Battery capacity: 1300mAh
•Atomizer specification Φ10*40mm
•Input voltage:   5V: Maximum input current:  1000mA 
Product performance:
•20 pieces of cigarettes may be smoked if the product is fully charged.
•The product allows 4 minute’s smoking every time. After one time of smoking is completed, the second smoking cannot start unless after sleep of 30 seconds.
•Charging time of the product: 1.5-2 hours 
• The product is provided with temperature adjustment function.
•The product is provided with carbonization cleaning function.
•The product is provided with heating sheet protection function.
•The product is set built-in automatic short circuit protection function.
•The product is provided with low voltage alarm display function.

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