IQOS series

Low temperature heating electronic cigarette

1, Special ceramics, double-sided heating band

2, With double-sided heating, the roasting is more even and sufficient. No waste of cigarette and the mouth feeling is upgraded for the second time.

3, With adoption of smart flow control technology, it still has the efficacy of nicotine compared with traditional cigarettes. But the toxicity is reduced by 90%. Safe, healthy, high recovery and satisfy tobacco addiction.

4, No tar, No open fire, No cigarette ash, Low temperature roast

5, Charging for 1300mAh AAA grade lithium battery once can use about 20 pieces of cigarettes.

6, The battery has stainless steel case with rubber oil packed outside. The squeezing ability is strong.

7, Large capacity, high ratio, with USB charging activation function.

8, The tobacco is heated in Qecig Q8 instead of burning. The experts express that the harm may be reduced greatly in this way.

9, the new type Qecig Q8 electronic cigarette combines the electronic cigarette technology and new fresh tobacco. It does not burn tobacco directly and can produce the natural tobacco fragrance so as to remove toxic substances caused by excessive heating or combustion of tobacco. At the same time, it reduces the pollution of second hand smoke significantly. It is a type of product with good market prospect and worthy of recommendation.

10, The product has high cost performance. With the detachable heater, it just needs to replace the heater if damaged. The repair cost is low and more suitable for mass consumption.


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